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Making & cutting Lovely Lavender soap

Making & cutting Lovely Lavender soap. A handmade cold process soap with organic vegetable oils and pure natural essential oils of lavender and cedarwood. Loaded with activated charcoal for detox. Great to use as a facial soap but also for hand and body. Decorative swirls and top.

Give away soaps

Today I´m making Give away soaps to my retailers. Made of one of my favourite recipes. Divine chocolate & mintsoap. Lovely organic cacao and cacao butter. Scented with chocolate and natural pepparmint essential oil.

Cupcake soaps

Lovely organic cupcakes. I made these for a restaurant in Linköping. Filled with skin loving oils and butters. Naturally scented with lemongrass essential oils and with hints of pepparmint. Gives a fresh uplifting feeling.