Launch June 17th

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We are proud to announce that Grön Lycka is launching June 17th, online. We have created a stunning spa collection with advanced formulas. All with a focus on herbal care and aroma therapy

Shaving soap

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Who can resist our organic shaving soaps? With a consistency like a fluffy meringue and a complex blend of vegetable raw materials. All to provide a fabulous post shave. Leaving your skin soft and hydrated

Green Beauty organic soap

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Green Beauty is one of our amazing soaps launching in june. Wonderful to decorate your bathroom with.


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We are happy to tell you that we are working on the final details and soon the products will be launched

Grön Lycka starts manufacturing artisan cosmetics during 2017

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I haven’t been soaping since october last year but now I’m looking forward to soon be able to reopen Grön Lyckas artisan soaps and grooming products. Please feel free to send an e-mail if you have any questions

Birch sap – Herbal therapy

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Birch sap or birch water is one of the natures elixir of life. Very effective way to strengthen the body after the cold winter and it is also said to help in birch pollen allergy. A real boost for the body. It contains vitamin C, antioxidants, trace minerals and amino acids. It´s said to be effective in indigestion, headache, rheumatism and arthritis. The water is transparent with a sweet taste .

Today it requires permission from the landowner to tap birch sap in Sweden. The sap rices in the tree when the ground frost releases. In Sweden You can tap from March to May, before the leaves bursts. Drilling a small hole in the trunk and a spout or pipe set for runoff. Remember to connect a large metal pail or plastic containers because you can get up to 25 liters. Avoid glass as it can crack if it gets below freezing point during the night. When finished put a to the hole so the tree don´t bleed to death. Next year you choose a new tree. Fresh sap lasts about 1 week in the refrigerator. It´s a very good idea to put in the freezer so you can take a boost now and then!

Wash your hair with birchwater to strengthen your hair.
You can put it in your shampoo.

Dental use
Wash your mouth to strengthen your gums.

Drink about 0,5 l per day.

Pine – pollen allergy treatment

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Pine can be used to treat pollen allergy. Here is some recipes and tips on how to effectively relieve your pollen allergy symptoms. First some facts about the pine tree!

Most of us know how a pine looks like. A large tall tree with widespread crown, when the tree is full grown. The bark is beautiful rust-colored. All parts of the tree contains resin and the tree thrives on poor sandy soils. It contains turpentine, resins and tar. In spring you can se pine tree shoots. They contain a large amount of vitamin C and they have antiseptic and expectorant properties.

To treat allergies don´t only focus on the symptoms that occur without looking at how the body works. The cause can be an unbalanced intestinal flora, impaired function of the digestive, liver and adrenals. A large part of the body’s immune system is right in the gut. The mucous membranes in the body can be affected. The body becomes stressed and eventually the adrenals get stressed. Working with the adrenal glands can become part of the treatment. In allergic reactions, histamine is released from mast cells of the immune system.

Proposed treatment :

Pine needles Water: Picking pine needles at least 100 m from the traffic road. Add in a container with water and let soak overnight. Drink 3-4 glasses of the water during the day.

– Support the adrenals with the herb Andrographis.
– Work to support the intestine. Drink tea of ​​calendula and nettle about 2 cups per day.
– Build up the intestinal flora and the immune system with probiotics.
– Take B-vitamin complex.
– Eat locally produced honey and bee pollen.

Making & cutting Lovely Lavender soap

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Making & cutting Lovely Lavender soap. A handmade cold process soap with organic vegetable oils and pure natural essential oils of lavender and cedarwood. Loaded with activated charcoal for detox. Great to use as a facial soap but also
for hand and body. Decorative swirls and top.

Ginger – Herbal medicine & natural cosmetics

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Ginger is a well-known medicinal herb, and it is widely used in monastic medicine. In the Middle Ages, Europeans were convinced that it was descended from the Garden of Eden. Ginger, lesser galanga and turmeric are close relatives and designated as ginger plants (Zingiberaceae). For medical use it was found in China and India.
The root is used and contains essential oils, strong-tasting substances as gingerols and shogaoler. The essential oil has realxing effect on the central nervous system. Fine effect at indigestion where the secretion of saliva, gastric juice and bile. Just gingerols and shogaoler affect the heat receptors in the stomach lining, which increases bowel activity. Not forgetting its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. Good to use for colds, cough, head and toothache. At toothache, pieces of the root is chewed. To prevent motion sickness use a tincture.

Recipe 1 The treatment of motion sickness
Take 20 drops of tincture finished in 1 glass of water.
Drink 30 minutes before departure.

Recipe 2 Tea for colds or Indigestion
2 tsp ground ginger root
2 cups boiling water.
Pour the boiling water over root and let soak for 5 minutes. Drink 2-3 cups per day or as needed.

Recipe 3 Gron Lyckas bubbling ginger scrub with lemongrass

1 cup liquid soap (recommendation Gron Lyckas refill: Liquid Soap lemongrass
1 tablespoon dried, ground ginger
10 drops of essential oil of ginger
Vitamin E 0.5 mL
Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Increasing the amount of salt, if desired. Pour into a suitable glass jar and label the cupboard. Shelf life is 1 year. Keeping a lid on so the essential oil will not evaporate.

Herbal cough syrup

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There are many ways to use herbal therapy to treat different diseases. During this season many suffers from flues and colds. Illnesses that include coughing can be very exhausting because they limit the ability to sleep restfully. But what can you do by yourself to heal? Herbal therapy offers many ways of treatment. Fir-tree can be used in many ways. Why not make an herbal oil to treat reumatism and pain. Or make a herbal syrup. Here are som nice recipes for you:

Recipe 1 Fir-tree oil
Fill 1 glass bottle with wide neck with 1/4 dry spruce shoot. Cover the shoots with coldpressed vegetable oil (canola or olive oil).
Sit for 4 weeks. Shake the bottle everyday.
Pour through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove herbs (compost the herbs!).
Add 1 % vitamin E or rosemary extract.
Store in a dry and dark place.

Recipe 2 Fir-tree bath (for reumatism and pain)
1/2 tsk fir-tree oil in 38 degrees celcius bathwater.
Bath for ca 20 min for an optimal effekt.

Recipe 3 Herbal cough syrup
250 g spruce shoots.
3 big yellow onions.
1 kg organic sugar.
1 l water.
Chop the onions. On a low heat, cook the water. Add sugar, onions, spruce shoots and boil for 30 min. Strain. Fill in smaller bottles and store in the fridge.
Take 1 tsk several times daily.

Good luck!