About Gron Lycka


Grön Lycka started in 2014 by me, Carina Folkesson, to manufacture handmade ecological cosmetics and soaps. Grön Lycka means Green Happiness. The workshop is located in the deepest forest of a little village called Älgafall, in Sweden. Besides soapmaking there is also a herbal practice based on treatments with naturally plants and medicine. I am the founder and owner of the company.

The company produces Swedish handmade organic skincare products with exclusive organic vegetable oils and organic essential oils. The unique and beautiful designs for the skin-loving soaps awakens your senses.

The brand Grön Lycka is created by me. I am a nurse and herbal therapist. I create luxurious and therapeutic skincare series. I choose what I believe is the treasures from our wonderful and rich nature. Each product is handmade with love, care and attention. With my creations, I hope to inspire more people to choose organic handmade products.

About the products

My goal is to offer a wide range of beauty and health products, free from SLS, SLES, parabens, citric acid, mineral oils. I design my soaps with mica, clays and oxides. Grön Lycka follows the GMP (good manufacturing practice) during manufacturing.

The products are safety assessed by an authorized chemist and registered at the EU databas ECAS / CPNP according to the EU.

The essential oils are wonderful for the skin but they also contain a smal amount of allergens. If you nevertheless feel uncertain about how you will react to them I recommend that you make an allergy test by applying the product on the inside of your arm. If irritation occurs discontinue use immediately. As you can understand, the products are not tested on animals.

In the webshop you can read more details about the contents of each product.

Webshop, shop and herbal practice

In addition to the webshop, I have a little store in the same building as the workshop, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and forests. I also have my herbal practice on the second floor . Welcome to contact me!

Opening hours
Please, just call to make an appointment.