There are many ways to use herbal therapy to treat different diseases. During this season many suffers from flues and colds. Illnesses that include coughing can be very exhausting because they limit the ability to sleep restfully. But what can you do by yourself to heal? Herbal therapy offers many ways of treatment. Fir-tree can be used in many ways. Why not make an herbal oil to treat reumatism and pain. Or make a herbal syrup. Here are som nice recipes for you:

Recipe 1 Fir-tree oil
Fill 1 glass bottle with wide neck with 1/4 dry spruce shoot. Cover the shoots with coldpressed vegetable oil (canola or olive oil).
Sit for 4 weeks. Shake the bottle everyday.
Pour through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove herbs (compost the herbs!).
Add 1 % vitamin E or rosemary extract.
Store in a dry and dark place.

Recipe 2 Fir-tree bath (for reumatism and pain)
1/2 tsk fir-tree oil in 38 degrees celcius bathwater.
Bath for ca 20 min for an optimal effekt.

Recipe 3 Herbal cough syrup
250 g spruce shoots.
3 big yellow onions.
1 kg organic sugar.
1 l water.
Chop the onions. On a low heat, cook the water. Add sugar, onions, spruce shoots and boil for 30 min. Strain. Fill in smaller bottles and store in the fridge.
Take 1 tsk several times daily.

Good luck!