Making & cutting Lovely Lavender soap

Skrivet den 19 February, 2016 14:52, av

Making & cutting Lovely Lavender soap. A handmade cold process soap with organic vegetable oils and pure natural essential oils of lavender and cedarwood. Loaded with activated charcoal for detox. Great to use as a facial soap but also for hand and body. Decorative swirls and top.

Ginger – Herbal medicine & natural cosmetics

Skrivet den 2 February, 2016 12:26, av

Ginger is a well-known medicinal herb, and it is widely used in monastic medicine. In the Middle Ages, Europeans were convinced that it was descended from the Garden of Eden. Ginger, lesser galanga and turmeric are close relatives and designated as ginger plants (Zingiberaceae). For medical use it was found in China and India. The  Continue Reading »