Cupcake soaps

Skrivet den 11 August, 2015 15:19, av

Lovely organic cupcakes. I made these for a restaurant in Linköping. Filled with skin loving oils and butters. Naturally scented with lemongrass essential oils and with hints of pepparmint. Gives a fresh uplifting feeling.

Soap cake

Skrivet den 9 August, 2015 15:26, av

Custom order for Rosengrens skafferi in Linkoping, Sweden. Naturally scented with lavender and geranium essential oils. Decorated with sweet roses.

Lecture about herbal medicine

Skrivet den 9 August, 2015 15:03, av

September 5th I’m having a lecture about herbal medicine and organic skincare in Habo. Everyone is welcome to do a lovely body scrub with birch oil.